Adopted January 2017

1. When to Play. The game of padiddle is played in any moving vehicle and can be played at anytime. 

2. Who is Playing. Everyone in the vehicle is playing whether they want to or not. 

3. Regulation of Play. The game begins at sunrise and ends at sunrise the following day or when the trip is over, whichever occurs first. A game can end at any time if the majority of players agree. 

4. Overview. Players are awarded points for spotting vehicles with one headlight not working (a padiddle) or a vehicle with one or more taillights not working (wee padiddle).

5. How to Score. To be awarded points a player must be the first to spot a padiddle or wee padiddle and say “padiddle” or “wee padiddle” out loud and then identify the vehicle with the padiddle by pointing it out and describing it. For example, if you saw a car in the oncoming lane with a headlight out you would say "padiddle on the oncoming car". You would then recite the score out loud For example, “one to zero to one.  If no one looks to verify and the car passes you get the point. 

6. Scoring. After scoring the player that just scored must recite the current scores of everyone in the vehicle going around the vehicle in a clockwise manner, starting with your score. In example; if you just scored the first padiddle and there are four people in the car you would say "padiddle on the oncoming car. 1 to 0 to 0 to 0".

7. Challenging a Padiddle. If you say padiddle and it was not a padiddle then anyone in the game can challenge, you. If no one challenges, then you get the point(s). Reasons for challenging a padiddle would be it was not actually a padiddle. If you are challenged and you lose, then you would lose all your points and start again at zero. For example, if you said padiddle and turns out to be a motorcycle or the light was obstructed but now it’s not then, if challenged you would lose all your points.

8. Special Circumstances. Bonus points are awarded for special padiddles. 

     A. Level 1 Special Padiddle.

            i. Emergency vehicles. Any emergency vehicle (with emergency lights off) is worth 2 points.

            ii. Unusual locations. Vehicles in unusual locations such as bridges, tunnels, ferries are worth 2 points.

            iii. Trendy Vehicles. A VW Beetle bug, Mini Cooper, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Bently, Rolls Royce or other special and/or trendy vehicle is worth 2 points. 

     B. Level 2 Special Circumstances.

            i. Emergency vehicles while emergency lights are flashing is worth 5 points.

            ii. Tractor Trailers (18 wheelers) are worth 5 points.

            iii. Unfortunate circumstances. Vehicles in unfortunate circumstances are worth 5 points and include but, are not limited to convertible with top down while raining, broke down, in an accident, on fire, stuck in a ditch, on a tow truck, etc.

9. Double Padiddle. A double padiddle is two or more vehicles in a row are with a padiddle. They are worth 1 point for the first vehicle and for each additional vehicle is worth double of the last points. For example, two vehicles back-to-back are worth 1 point for the first vehicle and 2 points for the second vehicle, 4 points for the next vehicle and 8 points for the next. Four padiddles in a row would be worth 15 points. Special circumstance points apply and would also double if applicable. For example, if you had two back-to-back padiddles and the first one was an 18-wheeler that would be 5 points. If the second one was also an 18-wheeler then the second one would be worth 10 points. If there was a third vehicle that was a car it would be worth 20 points, for a total of 35 points.

10. Automatic Game Winners.  If you see a padiddle and there are 3 or more special circumstances for the same padiddle then you automatically win the game. For example, If you see a padiddle in a tunnel (1 special circumstance) and it happens to be a Maserati (2 special circumstances) on fire (3 special circumstances) then you automatically win the game.

11. Winner. The player at the end of the game with the most points