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Using The MLS Search Function

The MLS or Multiple Listing Service is a database where local agents upload their listings or properties for sale so that other local agents can show and sell these properties. As a member of the MLS I have an agreement with all of the other agencies in the area to show and sell their properties. That's the reason I have the database on my site. My clients have the use of this feature to make their property search easier and more effective.

This tutorial has written instructions as well as a video tutorial to assist you in learning how the MLS search function works

1. Log in to using your user name and password
2. Click on "Click Here To Begin Searching" in the main body or "MLS Search" on the left side menu
3.From the main body choose search parameters such as price, number of bedrooms, acreage, etc.

hint: if the search parameter has from ___ to ___ then leaving a space blank after "from" means from zero and leaving a space black after "to" is to infinity.

hint: Adding multiple parameters will narrow your search. i.e. if you search 3 or more bedroom homes you will get more results than 4  or more bedrooms with a fireplace and 3 to 10 acres.

4. Click the search button on the top or bottom right to display results
5. To view details of a listing click on the picture or "click to view details" under picture
6. To save a listing in your favorites folder click on "save listing" under the slide show (saved listings will be listed on your home page after you log in)

Click here to begin searching

Video Tutorial
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Click here to begin searching